Friday, August 26, 2005

Dream Love 1000 Parfume (made in England)


What exudes the beauty in a woman is oftentimes caused by having someone to love and hold. Whether you're single or married, with a partner or without a partner, searching or not searching for a soul mate - life is so much fun and colorful when there is someone to share your moments with, someone to wipe the tears and share the giggles, or someone to cuddle with.
Beauty and happiness come from within but sometimes it's difficult to bring out the best in us.

"Dream Love 1000" - a sensual blend of the most seductive essence mixed with a very active Ingredient to let you discover more passion, love, devotion and adventure from your man. Women who have used Dream Love 1000 Attraction Perfume have seen happiness with their partners in the most unique way that can ever be imagined. They claim that they not only received added attention from their spouse, they also got their loyalty.

With its special formula, Dream Love 1000 Attraction Perfume is the ultimate expression of seduction. Spray this perfume and he will be magnetized towards you as Dream Love 1000 is not just a fragrance but an experience. It is a unique and completely non-allergenic fragrance to attract the male gender and heighten their sexual libido. Its scent seduces and leaves traces of you behind.



* 60ml deluxe spray bottle, small and compact, giving you the convenience of using the fragrance where and when you wish. Allows upto a guaranteed 401 sprays usage.

* Two easy application methods can be used for best alluring/attraction effect.

a) By 3-5 sprays with a gentle rub behind ears, sides of neck and wrist.

b) By 3-5 sprays on dress, blouse or any apparel worn.

Important :

Dream Love 1000 is proven to be non-allergenic and safe to use but caution should be taken against over-spraying as its active ingredient is known to be very potent. Thus, it is best to be used as instructed.

* Dream Love 1000 Attraction Perfume lasts for hours at a time and is known to stimulate the male sex from a distance of about a 2-metre (6.5 feet) radius. The more you use the fragrance, the more you will find a much more passionate and adoring partner who will be magnetized towards you.

* Passed by the ISO 9002 board to be non-allergenic and safe to use.

Price: Php 2,000.00

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Dream Love 5 n 1 Lotion (made in England)


How many of us happen to pass-by slim, sexy and beautiful women and stop to wonder, "When can my figure be like that? And can my skin be flawless and young-looking?" Especially after having given birth and dedicating our time on nursing the baby, we find it difficult to obtain the figure and beauty that we had before delivering.

This makes us wonder if slimming / anti-ageing pills or all these new individual cleansing tonics and creams for eliminating our unwanted stretch marks, acne marks, etc. really work. Well, maybe, maybe not. These slimming pills may make you feel full after eating only a small amount of food. They may help you get off to a good start, but once you stop taking them, the weight you lose comes back. Hence, the same goes with anti-ageing pills which promise you a much younger look but leave you with added skin folds due to side-effects.

Dream Love 1000 5 in 1 Body Essence Lotion has become a breakthrough in the world of skin care products as the visual effects show hundred of thousands ladies become much fairer in complexion, slim down by inches and shape their body beautifully, looking younger, with their wrinkles and skin marks disappearing and their skin having a very natural radiant glow. In many cases, women have also seen the wondrous effect of the elimination of pimple marks and freckles. It is proven very effective without any side-effects, completely non-allergenic and mercury-free.


100ml deluxe tube.

One single tube that has 5 different functions for:

*Super slimming and body shaping
*UV-whitening and elimination of freckles patches, arne scars & dark spots.
*Vitamin D & E protein moisturizing.
*Sexual attraction.
*Passed by the ISO 9002 board to be non-allergenic and mercury-free.

Price: PhP 1,700.00

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